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19th Sunday Pentecost

S. Pentecost 19.17 [please click on link to see text]

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18th Sunday Pentecost

S. Pentecost 18.17 Click on link for printed text

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17th Sunday Pentecost

  S. Trinity.17 (002) Please click on link for text

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15th Sunday Pentecost

S. Pentecost 15.17  [please click on link to view text of sermon]

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75th Annv of Cong/14th S Pentecost

75th Anniversary of OSLC 9.10.17 “No, to all of that…” I Kings 8:22-30 So, what is it exactly that we celebrate today, as we mark the 75th anniversary of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Raleigh NC? The pluckiness of our founding members? The good fortune of our community […]

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13th Sunday Pentecost

Pentecost 13.17 “Always Be Batman” Matt. 16:21-28 He should have stuck with the answers he cribbed off Someone Else. Peter, that is. “Stone”, as he was sometimes known, back then. Jesus praises Simon extravagantly for his answer to the question “Who do you say that I am?” […]

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12th Sunday Pentecost

Pentecost 12.17 “A Back To School Sermon—With A Quiz!” Matt. 16:13-20 OK; pop quiz! On what is the Church built? Oooh. That’s a tricky one to hit you with so early without much coffee in your system. OK. Multiple choice! The most popular answer is a) “the […]

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11th Sunday Pentecost

Pentecost 11.17 “Under The Table Savior” Matt. 15:21-28 We see a side of Jesus in this Gospel reading that makes most people uncomfortable. It’s a side of Jesus that we’re not used to seeing, that doesn’t get a lot of attention in our day and age. Jesus […]

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10th Sunday Pentecost

Pentecost 10.17 “Why Did You Doubt?” Matthew 14:22-33 “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” A great question, that Jesus asks Peter! Now, Jesus can do the “Why?” questions because He’s the Lord and we’re not—just as He asked Job why he was making such […]

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9th Sunday Pentecost

Pentecost 9.17 “Subdued” Matt. 14:13-21 We are so used to this story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 and the standard reading is that it is proof Jesus will give us whatever we want, that He does this simply as an act of kindness for a hungry crowd. […]

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22 October 2017

8:30 Divine Service with Communion

11:00 Matins

9:45 – Sunday School and Adult Bible class

Classes for ages 3 and up


Our Savior Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran church in Raleigh, North Carolina, belonging to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

We are located at: 1500 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27608.

For directions, use 742 Nash Street, Raleigh.