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Romans – 18

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Sermon for the 11th Sunday after Pentecost 2014

S. Pentecost 11.14 “Rocky” Matthew 16:13-20 I remember a little poster that someone had up on their door in Brainerd House, the residence hall where I lived my three years of divinity school. I can’t remember the whole exact thing but it went something like this: “Jesus

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Romans – 17

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Sermon 10th Sunday after Pentecost 2014

S. Pentecost 10.13 “Yes Woman” Matt. 15:21-28 How do I love this Gospel? Let me count the ways… ah, never mind. It was my understanding there would be no math in the ministry, which is why I went into it! But I love so many things about

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Sermon 9th Sunday after Pentecost.2014

S. Pentecost 9.14 “Invited” Matt 14:22-33 God is in the details, someone said, and it seems especially true of this text. In the first sentence from our Gospel this morning: “Immediately Jesus made His disciples get into the boat…” the word translated “made” anagkazw in Greek, also

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Romans – 16

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Sermon 8th Sunday after Pentecost 2014

S. Pentecost 8.14 “No One Goes There Anymore…” Matt. 14:13-21 Yogi Berra, a national treasure and fountain of quotable quotes, was once asked by a teammate for the Yankees if he wanted to go to a certain, fashionable New York restaurant after a game for a late

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Romans – 15

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Wednesday, 21  November 2018

Thanksgiving Service – with Communion

7:00 p.m.

25 November – Last Sunday of the Church Year

8:30 Divine Service with Communion

11:00 Matins

9:45 Sunday School – children ages 3 through high school

Adult Bible Class with Pastor Martin


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