3rd Sunday Pentecost

3 Pentecost 3.17 “A Wonderful Life” Matt. 10 5a, 21-33 Jesus says “a disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.” And yet, and yet: I think today most all of Christendom wants, expects, nay, practically demands to be above the Master! Maybe

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2nd Sunday Pentecost

  S. Pentecost 2.17 “Freely Given” Matt. 9:35-10:8 Their names are famous now—well, some of them, others, not so much. Peter, James, John, Andrew, Matthew, Thomas, Judas you all know. The whole world knows their names, though Judas’ name lives in infamy. But Alphaeus’ son James (the

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Trinity Sunday 2017

Trinity Sunday.17 “On Learning What Cannot Be Taught” Matt. 28:16-20 In the cartoon, you see Jesus sitting on a mountaintop and a wide-eyed disciple sitting next to Him. The caption reads “Everyone always asks what Jesus would do. No one ever asks how Jesus feels about His

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Sermon for Pentecost Sunday 2017

S. Pentecost Sunday.17 “It Gets Done” Acts 2:1-21 We’ve seen throughout the Easter season what a versatile book the Acts of the Apostles is. Acts has been our Old Testament reading for the last 7 weeks. Today, it is appointed as the Epistle reading. So, while I

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