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Lenten Vespers II

Lent MW 2.18 “Rejoice” Deuteronomy 14:22-29 I hardly ever do this, but here’s the Old Testament reading that we really should have for this Sunday upcoming, the 3rd Sunday in Lent, to match up with the Gospel of Jesus driving out the money changers with a whip—I

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Matthew – Class 78

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2nd Sunday Lent

Lent 2.18 “Mindful” Mark 8:27-38 When Jesus and Yoda agree on something, I’ll confess—mmh, mmh, gets my attention, it does. You’re probably only influenced by Jesus, and good for you on that; and you probably are strong when temptation to slip into Yoda-voice comes calling (which, obviously,

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Lenten Vespers I

Lent MW 1.18 “Seed: Not Descendants; Seed…(!)” Gen 17:1-16 So, God is often in the details, the little grammatical nuances that even good translations hide from you so that you can’t see them. So let me be hard on my favorite translation tonight—I criticize the NIV often

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Matthew – Class 77

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1st Sunday Lent

Lent 1.18 “Subjected” Mark 1:9-15 In Hebrew and in Greek, the word for testing and tempting is the same word. The only way you can tell the difference (if the Hebrews and Greeks even thought there was a difference) is context. Generally English translators think that if

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Matthew – Class 76

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Transfiguration of Our Lord

Transfiguration.18 “Coming Out of the Closet” Mark 9:2-9 I did a wedding back in 2001, I think it was, for an officer from Fort Bragg. He was Army but his best man was (oddly) a Marine Corps major who was serving guard duty in the White House.

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Lectionary Class 6th Sunday after the Epiphany

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Matthew – Class 75

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Advent Vespers – Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.

16 December 2018  3rd Sunday Advent

8:30 Matins

11:00 Divine Service with Communion

9:45 Sunday School – children ages 3 through high school

Adult Bible Class with Pastor Martin


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