1st Sunday after Christmas – Vicar Steffen

Sermon for the First Sunday after Christmas, 2018 Berett Steffen There are a good number of scholars who think that think that the number one problem with Christianity today is that we don’t give the Holy Spirit enough credit. They think that he’s pretty neglected in the

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day.18 “He Became What We Are…” John 1:1-18 I’m not sure anyone since the apostles of our Lord has thought about the Incarnation of our Lord with more depth or more astuteness than Athanasius, the 4th century Egyptian church father. I’ve been spending a fair bit

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.18 “For You…” Luke 2:1-20 First off, a hearty welcome to those of you that I only get to see a few times a year. We’ve missed you, but more importantly, you’ve missed a lot since your last visit—when was it? Easter? No, maybe Mother’s Day?

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4th Sunday Advent

  Advent 4.18 “Peak You” Luke 1:39-56 I think every one of us has a peak in life, a time when we’re at our very best—when the world’s at it’s best, when everything just fits, when life is truly good. For some people, “peak you” lasts for

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3rd Sunday Advent

Advent 3.18 “Is Heaven for Heroes or Hobos?” Luke 7:18-35 John the Baptist last week set the moral bar shockingly high for us (as Baptists are wont to do)… saying: guys, if you have more than one coat, you’re over the line for appropriate Christian sharing! Tough!

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2nd Sunday Advent

Advent 2.18 “How Many Coats…?” Luke 3:1-20 At first glance, the Law that John preaches doesn’t seem so very difficult to keep, does it? Rethink your life and admit it: you could have done better. Could have been kinder, gentler, lighter. Could have gone to church a

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