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What We Believe

  • We believe in the Triune God as articulated by the Nicene Creed.
  • We believe the Gift of Christ comes to us through the Gospel, in the Word and Sacraments of the Church by grace alone, through faith alone, for Christ’s sake alone.
  • We believe Holy Scripture is infallible and divinely inspired.
  • We believe the sacraments of Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper (Communion) are means of grace through which God, by Christ’s real and bodily presence, conveys forgiveness, life and salvation.
  • We believe that The Great Commission is the timeless mission Christ carries out through His Church with urgency yet without stress or fear of failure.

whatwebelieve-1We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of the virgin Mary who suffered, died, and rose, to redeem us. We believe that the Gift of Christ comes to us through the Gospel, in the Word and Sacraments of the Church by grace alone, faith alone, for Christ’s sake alone. We happily subscribe to the three ecumenical creeds (Apostle’s, Nicene, Athanasian) and to the Book of Concord (the Lutheran Confessions) finding them to be true and correct expositions of the Scripture’s teachings of Christ.

There are several key elements for us:

Jesus Christ

Dr. Luther says that which does not exalt Christ is not Christian. “Take Christ out of the Scriptures and what do you have left in them?” Jesus says “You search the Scriptures because you think in them you have life but these are they which testify to Me…” (John 5:39) So this is our test for any theology: “Does it exalt Christ? Is He at the center?” Jesus also says (John 10) that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. So hearing the voice of Christ in Scripture, in liturgy, in conversation with fellow Christians, is for us, the heart and center of the church’s life.

The Gift

Christ is not a lawgiver like Moses. He does not offer principles for living which we must understand and enact. Instead, He offers Himself! He is the giver of every good Gift. He says “come unto Me all you who labor and are heavy-laden and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) It is this Gift of Himself, of forgiveness, life, and peace that is the heart of Our Savior. So many churches focus their efforts on following laws and principles. Our Savior is marked by the Gift of Christ Jesus in Word and Sacrament. We recognize that the law is also given to us by God, but by the law comes only the knowledge of sin, a picture of the perfect life that we have fallen short of. In Jesus Christ, we receive the gift of forgiveness and His perfect keeping of the Law as if we had done so ourselves. Another way to say it is that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone as Christ’s gift alone.


The Story

Christ’s forgiveness, life, and salvation are not given to us in the Bible as a systematic theology or list of facts or principles but as a story. Our Pastor is fond of “narrative preaching,” telling the Story of Christ in such a way that it becomes our story. We are passionate in studying the Word together so as to get caught up in His story as our very own!


Lutherans originally called themselves “Evangelical Catholics” to distinguish us from “Roman Catholics,” because it is not the city of Rome or its history that makes our catholic (universal) faith, but the “evangel”, the “Good news”, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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