What We Believe

As a confessional Lutheran congregation, we are committed to the Faith as it is confessed in the Book of Concord (the Lutheran Confessions) of 1580.

Our church fathers never wanted to start a new church (we are not, strictly speaking, “Protestants” though all modern Protestants owe their origins to Luther). Luther’s aim was recovering the old catholic (universally Christian) faith of the apostles that had been obscured by scholastic philosophy from the 13th century onwards…

Lutherans never called themselves “Lutheran”. We don’t believe in Martin Luther. We believe in the Triune God the way Luther and the early church fathers did. Luther’s project was separating what was Roman—what was human tradition of the late middle ages—from what is catholic—what all Christians of all times and places have always agreed upon (what C.S. Lewis calls “Mere Christianity”). The essence of this catholic faith is the Evangel—the Good News of forgiveness, life, and salvation given by the Father, on account of the Son Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, and shared with the world by the Holy Spirit. So “Lutherans” always called themselves “evangelical-catholics” as it is the Evangel, the Gospel of Jesus, that defines our catholic faith (though we have no major issues with the Roman bishops up until about the 13th century and consider the Roman fathers before that time as our fathers too).

Those who wish to know more are invited to go through Luther’s Small Catechism with our pastor.