Who We Are

whoweare-1At Our Savior Lutheran Church, we aren’t about making over the Church to suit our modern tastes and preferences, but are instead hoping and praying to be shaped by God into faithful followers of Him ourselves, by an ancient heritage, into new creations of Christ Jesus.

We see, in the history of the church, unbroken traditions of worship, faith , and practice given by Christ Jesus to His apostles, Peter, Paul, et. al., and handed on by them to faithful teachers like Irenaeus, Augustine, John of Damascus, Bernard of Clairvaux, Luther, C.S. Lewis, Paul Holmer, Herman Sasse, and many others. Their worship, belief, and service did not change shape over the centuries, but ever encircled Christ and His gifts.

In Saint Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he describes himself as a “steward of the mysteries” (1 Cor. 4:1). Our natural human inclinations lead us to want to solve these mysteries, but the problem with this is that these Mysteries of the Faith aren’t meant to be solved!

The desire to explain the Mysteries of Christianity have led the church at large to change the shape of worship from the mystical Divine Service rooted in the ancient, catholic, and apostolic Mass, to a contemporary worship form that has a very different shape and purpose. Jeremiah, long ago, told an Israel enamored with fads: “Ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.” To this End, at Our Savior, we follow the Church’s old liturgies, creeds, and confessions; discovering that while they may be very old, they are not rules but Gifts.

whoweare-2These Gifts that we receive are the Word and Sacraments and these things are Mysteries to us. As such, it is only by faith (which itself is a Gift and a Mystery) that we can receive these Gifts and thus be transformed into the image of Christ Jesus our Lord.

At Our Savior, we see ourselves as “stewards of the mysteries”, the very words of St. Paul that show us to be grateful recipients of this ancient heritage — proclaimers, not explainers, still a long way from home ourselves, with much to learn and much to discover on the Way.

As Lutherans in the 21st century, it is not uncommon to be asked the question “are you more evangelical or more catholic?” To this, our answer would be a resounding “Yes!” The focus on Christ’s Gospel makes us evangelical, in a manner of speaking, while the grateful reception of catholic (universally observed) teaching of the church makes us  traditionally catholic — so “Yes” to both being more evangelical and more catholic.

If you find yourself wanting to learn more about the ancient heritage of Christ’s Church amidst the throngs of those who would seek to fix the unbroken traditions of Christianity, we invite you to visit Our Savior!

Our church is led by Pastor Kevin Martin, a lifelong Lutheran committed to being a  “steward of the mysteries.” He received his Masters of Divinity from Yale in 1998. During his time at Yale, he studied under world class scholars such as Holmer, Childs, Frei, Kavanagh, and Greer, who were committed to a thoughtful and passionate Christian Orthodoxy that lines up well with the traditions of Confessional Lutheranism.

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